Cryptography is the foundation of digital trust.

A threat to cryptography is a serious threat to digital trust. In today's increasingly connected ecosystem, broken cryptography can result in unauthorized access to sensitive information, lost control over connected devices and ultimately losing your customers' trust.

We provide crypto-agile technologies and quantum-safe cryptography to enable a seamless, practical and cost-effective transition to new cryptographic standards so that you can protect your customer's mission-critical assets now and in the quantum age.

Let us help you with...

Integrating crypto agility into
large, complex PKIs
Integrating Crypto-agility
Protecting against
harvest & decrypt attacks
Reduce risk with quantum-safe migration tools
Inventorying your cryptography usage
Protect investments by future-proofing connected devices
Assessing your quantum-safe readiness 
Protect investments by future-proofing connected devices

Why crypto agile & quantum-safe now?

Current public-key cryptography is expected to be broken by a large-scale quantum computer within 7-10 years, causing widespread vulnerabilities and putting your organization and your customers' privacy and security at risk.

Transitioning to new cryptographic standards — such as quantum-safe cryptography (also called post-quantum, quantum-resistant) — is complex and could take large enterprises and governments at least a decade.

Stay ahead of threats to cryptography, reduce crypto-related breaches and cut switching costs to new standards by integrating crypto-agility and quantum-safe security now.


...fewer cryptographically related security breaches and application failures experienced by organizations with crypto-agility plans in place by 2021, than organizations without a plan. (Gartner)

41.6 B

... connected IoT devices, or "things," generating 79.4 zettabytes (ZB) of data in 2025. (IDC)


... higher costs incurred if software defects are fixed post product release than in the design and architectural phase. (IBM)

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