Clearing the path to quantum-safe security

Quantum computing poses a real security risk.

Within a decade, experts such as NIST have stated that currently used public-key cryptography will be broken by a large-scale quantum computer, putting you and your customers’ privacy and security at risk.

Keeping your customers safe is vital, now and in the future.


Migrating to quantum-safe security is possible today.

License the ISARA Radiate™ Security Solution Suite, the most comprehensive quantum-safe cryptographic library and implementation tool OEMs and governments can use today to seamlessly migrate their commercial products and networks to quantum-safe security.

Meet the Team

At ISARA, our professional, innovative team of cryptographers, researchers, developers, and security industry veterans, work to create production-ready cybersecurity solutions, with optimized encryption that can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure, to remain secure into the post-quantum age.

Meet the ISARA team and join us on the path to quantum-safe security.


Does ISARA invent new quantum-safe algorithms?

Simply put, no, we’re not inventing new quantum-safe algorithms because there are suitable replacements available already, which have been thoroughly researched, in some cases for many decades. What we’re doing is taking the best “standard’s candidate” algorithms for quantum-safe cryptography and optimizing them so that they will meet the performance requirements in a variety of environments from IoT sensors to large, distributed data centres.

How can we be sure that an algorithm is quantum-safe?

It is important to remember that the reason we trust that algorithms like RSA and ECC and safe from existing computers is because they have been studied for almost 40 years by the best cryptographers in the world.  That study, and the results they have discovered give us confidence that we can trust those algorithms with the key sizes we use today.  We have been following this same process in studying the new quantum-safe candidates, and the special abilities of quantum computers to work towards that same level of confidence.

How can you test that an algorithm is quantum-safe without a large-scale quantum computer?

Luckily we don’t need to have a large-scale quantum computer to perform that type of testing.  Since Richard Feynman conceived of a quantum computer in 1981 and the first quantum algorithms were developed in the early 90’s, there has been a large-scale effort to understand the practical abilities of a quantum computer.  This has led to developments such as Shor’s algorithm that efficiently breaks the RSA and ECC cryptosystems that we rely upon today.  These tools allow us to determine the security of a quantum-safe candidate without actually needing a large-scale quantum computer.

Why shouldn't I wait for standards?

Experts believe that NIST will be far too late to publish their revised standards. Their timeline will yield a standard around 2023, which is only a couple years before industry experts estimate that a large-scale quantum computer will be available. Waiting until NIST finalizes its work leaves no time for you to react. This creates a tremendous risk to all of the systems and information that depend on public key cryptography. Fortunately, the ISARA Radiate Security Solution Suite includes all five leading quantum-safe algorithm candidates for standardization and the ability to implement a “hybrid approach”, so that you can continue to use today’s cryptographic standards and prepare for the emerging threat of quantum computers.

Highlighted Industries


Governments rely on public key cryptography to protect high-value assets and to control access to data, systems and facilities. Learn how government is uniquely affected by the quantum threat and how ISARA’s solutions allow for a cost-effective and seamless migration to quantum-safe security.


Connected vehicles are secured using public key cryptography which is embedded into all of the vehicles platforms. Learn why automotive manufacturers need to secure their over-the-air update process with quantum-safe security now to maintain vehicle safety in the future and avoid costly recalls.

Additional Industries:

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • IoT

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The ISARA Radiate™ Security Solution Suite is the first complete security solution to offer a certification-ready implementation of academic & industry recognized quantum-safe algorithms and integration tools built for developers.

We’ve made it seamless to incorporate crypto-agility and quantum-safe algorithms into your current security infrastructure.




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