ISARA Catalyst™ Quantum-safe TLS

Integrate Quantum-safe Security Into Existing OpenSSL Deployments

The ISARA Catalyst Connector for OpenSSL allows you to easily integrate the ISARA Radiate™ Quantum-safe Toolkit’s cryptographic library of quantum-safe algorithms into your existing OpenSSL deployment.

In addition to exposing our library through the OpenSSL crypto engine, we’ve also integrated the quantum-safe algorithms into OpenSSL’s X.509 and TLS implementations.

Make Quantum-safe TLS Connections with Your NSS-based Applications

ISARA’s Quantum-safe NSS libraries bring the quantum-safe algorithms of the ISARA Radiate Quantum-safe Toolkit to your existing NSS-based client-server applications. Establish TLS connections using NIST’s candidate algorithms for standardization. Server authentication and client authentication are both supported.

Easy To Integrate

There’s no impact to your current integrations. Simply link your application with our modified libraries, or run the modified command line utilities, and reference our expertly crafted sample scripts to get started using quantum-safe security today.

Agile Digital Certificate Ready

We’ve designed both of these components to support the ISARA Catalyst Crypto Agile PKI so that you can build in agility using a standards-based approach. This allows for dual-algorithm X.509 certificates that support both classical and quantum-safe algorithms.

Ready to get started? 

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