ISARA Catalyst™ Crypto Agile PKI

Seamlessly Transition to Quantum-safe Security

ISARA Catalyst™ Crypto Agile PKI enables a seamless, cost-effective, and simplified migration to quantum-safe security to protect investments in durable connected devices, the Internet of Things (IoT), and complex public key infrastructures, with no impact to end-users.

By being backward compatible and compliant to global standards, these digital certificates can be used by both new and existing systems.

What is It?

ISARA Catalyst Crypto Agile PKI is a method for creating digital certificates that simultaneously support two cryptographic signature algorithms. You can have a classical public key and signature and a quantum-safe public key and signature, all within a single certificate. By maintaining interoperability, this hybrid methodology enables support for both existing and upgraded systems.


Integrate ISARA Catalyst to Enable Crypto Agility

  • A critical step towards quantum-safe security is building in crypto agility, as recommended by NIST
  • Use ISARA Catalyst Crypto Agile PKI to add crypto agility to your infrastructure and reliant systems
  • Use ISARA Radiate™ Quantum-safe Toolkit to bring quantum-safe security in addition to crypto agility

Become Quantum-safe while Compliant to Global Standards

We understand the importance of standards for interoperability and security. That’s why the methodology behind ISARA Crypto Agile PKI is included in Recommendation ITU-T X.509 | ISO/IEC 9594-8, a global standard.

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Solving Today's Challenges For a Quantum-safe Future

Seamless Simplified PKI Migration

Migrating a PKI can be complex and time-consuming, and even more so if duplication is required. With ISARA Catalyst, upgrading to quantum-safe security is seamless and simplified. There is no impact to legacy components, and no need to manage duplicated certificates. Migration can be achieved using a phased-approach — perfect for large, complex PKIs.

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Future-Proof Durable Connected Devices

The physically embedded roots of trust used to validate the authenticity of over-the-air updates in connected devices are not quantum-safe. Quantum-enabled adversaries will be able to spoof software updates to take over unprotected devices. Avoid logistically challenging and cost-prohibitive recalls in the future. Embed quantum-safe roots of trust today to protect your investment in durable, connected devices.

Protect Critical Assets Now With Quantum-safe Security

Quantum-safe digital signature schemes, such as stateful hash-based signatures, are mature and ready to be used today. ISARA Catalyst allows you to use both a classic and quantum-safe digital signature within one certificate to protect mission-critical, durable devices such as connected cars, critical infrastructure, medical devices and deployed military equipment.

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