ISARA Quantum-safe Off-The-Shelf Proof-of-Concept System

Test Post-Quantum Cryptography on Your Network Today

Cryptographic standards are about to change. To protect against the looming quantum-threat, NIST plans to publish Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) standards in 2024. When this happens, networks, web applications, and all of the related infrastructure will need to be upgraded to use the next-generation algorithms  or risk staying vulnerable to quantum computing attacks. Unfortunately, adopting the new cryptographic standards won't be a straightforward change for much of today's networking infrastructure. As with any technological change, dilligent planning and testing will be required; which takes time. Why wait until the standards are published to get started? 

Is your networking infrastructure ready? Will your custom web applications continue to work with the new standards?

ISARA can help you answer these questions. We have integrated the ISARA Radiate™ Quantum-safe Toolkit into OpenSSL and the NSS library — which is the foundation of cryptography in Firefox and the Apache mod_nss module. We provide off-the-shelf builds of Firefox and Apache with Quantum-safe TLS capabilities, ready to be deployed in your environment. With these applications, you can:


quantum-safe or hybrid certificates for web servers and, optionally, for client authentication


your custom web applications in web servers configured to accept quantum-safe browser connections


your custom web applications via quantum-safe Firefox

The authentication and key exchange algorithms match the latest specifications of the post-quantum algorithms selected for standardization by NIST, allowing you to run Proof-of-Concept tests in your own environment before the new standards are official. With the ISARA Quantum-safe OTS PoC System, you’ll be prepared for tomorrow’s standards, today.

Ready to get ahead of the curve?

Start testing how PQC fits into your networks. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

More Businesses are Recognizing the Threat

Governments, defense contractors, and many enterprises already take the quantum threat seriously—but now the rest of business world is starting to take notice, thanks to increasing attention from leading analysts, consulting firms and government agencies.


“If a sufficiently powerful quantum computer becomes available within 10 or so years, any data that has been published or intercepted is subject to cryptanalysis by a future quantum computer.”

—The CIO’s Guide to Quantum Computing


“Enterprises and governments should start protecting against the threat of powerful quantum computers today, not when it happens, since by then it will be too late.”

—Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Predictions 2019


“Prioritization of the development, standardization, and deployment of post-quantum cryptography is critical for minimizing the chance of a potential security and privacy disaster.”

—Quantum Computing Progress and Prospects