About Us

We're Building a Crypto-Agile, Quantum-safe World

We’re a security solutions company specializing in cryptographic risk management and in creating crypto-agile and quantum-safe security solutions for today’s information technology ecosystems.

Through our professional services and cutting-edge technologies, we enable next-generation security for enterprises and governments, without sacrificing interoperability. With ISARA, you can inventory and manage your cryptographic risks, future-proof your mission-critical systems, and achieve your quantum-safe and zero trust goals.

With our partners, we’re clearing the path to quantum-safe security for enterprises and governments by delivering practical, standards-based solutions for a seamless migration. Co-founded in 2015 by former BlackBerry security executives, our team has launched several first-of-its-kind solutions such as a quantum-safe cryptographic library, PQC integration tools for developers, and crypto-agile technologies. With an emphasis on interoperability, we proudly collaborate on international standards-setting efforts.

Our Mission

 To be the world’s leading creator and provider of cryptographic risk management solutions and services, focused on crypto agility and quantum safety. Using our combined security expertise, passion for problem solving, and forward-looking strategies, we seek to develop the most secure, innovative, and interoperable approaches to cryptographic risk management and quantum-safe security.

Our Vision

 To create a crypto-agile and quantum-safe world where the possibilities and benefits of quantum computing are realized without giving up digital trust and privacy.

Our Core Values


Integrity, transparency, honesty, genuine interactions. We expect it from each other because trust and strong working relationships are vital to our success.


Internal collaboration, plus close partnerships with industry, academia and standards communities strengthen our products resulting in trusted-embedded security solutions.


We foster a creative environment by encouraging curiosity, allowing for time and space to explore ideas, and by fully integrating our Research & Development team.

Visionary Thinkers

Cybersecurity is constantly changing. That’s why we’re always looking for innovators who can see the threat before it hits the radar. Our customers demand it.

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