Cryptographic Inventories

Cryptographic Migrations Require Reliable Inventories

Whether it’s a government agency or a private enterprise, every organization needs a reliable inventory of the cryptography they use before they can truly begin their quantum-safe migrations. Which algorithms are used, where are they used, with what parameters, and within which higher-level protocols? Without knowing exactly which cryptography is deployed throughout your systems, it is simply infeasible to migrate that cryptography to a quantum-safe state.

The Problem Goes Beyond Quantum-Vulnerable Algorithms

Organizations are routinely faced with significant cyber threats from the use of outdated cryptography, insecure configurations or cryptographic modes of operation, and from the use of fragile, legacy systems. Identifying where cryptographic risks are lurking in your infrastructure can be an enormously resource-intensive task, with results that can be outdated by the time the final report is delivered. To top it off, with post-quantum standards expected to be finalized in 2024, organizations need to perform planning and proof-of-concept testing of the candidate algorithms today to ensure they are ready to deploy when the standards are finalized. 

Do you know where insecure or outdated cryptography is creating unnecessary risk for your mission-critical systems?

Simplify Your Cryptographic Migrations with ISARA Advance® Cryptographic Inventory and Risk Assessment Tool

We know how difficult cryptographic management can be. Combined with the very real threat of large-scale quantum computers, the massive proliferation of IoT and user devices, and ever-increasing impacts of successful vulnerability exploits, it has never been more difficult or more necessary to carefully manage your organization’s cryptography. 

That’s why we created ISARA Advance Cryptographic Inventory and Risk Assessment Tool: a cryptographic inventory platform that enables you to discover your cryptographic infrastructure — all from an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use central dashboard.

Cryptographic Inventorying for Government and Industry

In November 2022, the United States’ Office of Management and Budget, through the Executive Office of the President, issued M-23-02, a memorandum on Migrating to Post-Quantum Cryptography. This memorandum requires, among other things, that US Federal Government Agencies inventory their cryptography usage and propose plans and budgets to migrate those inventories to post-quantum cryptography. These requirements show how seriously government is taking the looming quantum threat. 

It isn’t only governments who are migrating to post-quantum cryptography. Private industry is right on their heels, eagerly awaiting the publication of post-quantum algorithm standards through NIST. And just like with governments, the creation of a successful migration plan requires a reliable cryptographic inventory. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how ISARA Advance can help simplify your migration journey.

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