ISARA and The LightBridge Group Partner to Advance Post-Quantum Cryptography in Government

U.S. Government Takes Active Role in Quantum-Safe Cybersecurity 

WATERLOO, ON, and San Francisco, June 7, 2023 ISARA, the leader in post-quantum cryptography (PQC) and cryptographic risk management, and The LightBridge Group, today announced their strategic partnership to advance post-quantum cryptography solutions and risk management services across the U.S. government.  

"The LightBridge Group brings decades of government experience and insight which, in addition to its quantum science and cybersecurity expertise, complements ISARA's capabilities and roadmap plans. We warmly welcome this partnership and look forward to advancing PQC and cryptographic risk management, together, at the federal level," stated Atsushi Yamada, CEO of ISARA.

Quantum Computing Prioritization and Leadership at the Federal Level
U.S. President Joe Biden signed the Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Preparedness Act into law on December 21, 2022. The law sets requirements for federal agencies to inventory their active cryptographic assets, assess their vulnerabilities to future quantum computers, and perform proof-of-concept testing of post-quantum cryptographic algorithms.

"U.S. Government agencies are committed to preparing their IT systems for the arrival of cryptography-breaking quantum computers," said Jonah Force Hill, Managing Director & Head of Client Services at The LightBridge Group. "We believe that ISARA has the right experience and the right technologies to address the government's critical, quantum-safe needs." 

Hill previously served as the director for cybersecurity and emerging technology on the staff of the National Security Council at The White House, where he was responsible for directing President Biden's National Security Memorandum on post-quantum cryptography (NSM 10).

About The Lightbridge Group
The LightBridge Group provides business consulting services for quantum technology companies. Our experts bring decades of experience in business, government, science and technology, providing guidance to clients from early-stage startups to established Fortune 500 firms in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe. We specialize in U.S. government procurement and contracting, commercial marketing and public relations, executive recruiting, and investment and M&A advisory services. LightBridge leverages an extensive network of experts to advance clients’ business priorities.

ISARA’s mission is to build a quantum-safe world. Founded in 2015, Canada-based ISARA specializes in cryptographic risk management and crypto-agile and quantum-safe security solutions and services for today’s information technology ecosystems. We work with enterprises and government agencies to future-proof mission-critical systems and achieve quantum-safe and Zero Trust goals. For more information about ISARA, visit

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