Cryptography and the Quantum Threat: The Sky is Not Falling

You remember Henny Penny, the iconic children’s folktale that’s been told and retold in different ways, across many countries since the early 1800s? Henny Penny (the hen) gets hit on the head with an acorn and she shrieks that the sky is falling. On her journey to tell the king, she proceeds to raise a ruckus among her friends — inciting panic, fear, and mass hysteria.

If an acorn can cause such a stir, imagine how Henny Penny would react to the impact of quantum computing on modern-day cryptography. There is no question that quantum computing poses significant risks to the security of cryptography, with the ability to potentially put entire infrastructures, networks, and applications at widespread risk. From retailers to banks to critical infrastructure to automobile manufacturers to the government — every modern business depends on cryptography for securing transactions and authenticating identities.

Yes, current public-key cryptography is expected to be broken by large-scale quantum computers as soon as eight years from now. But there is no need to panic — the sky is not falling — especially if organizations take action now.

Fortunately, organizations have enough time and the ability to make the transition to quantum-safe cryptography efficiently and seamlessly — without causing any harm. By gaining some familiarity with the new cryptographic algorithms, inventorying assets, and conducting an impact analysis, organizations can start prioritizing high-value assets for migration. Read the latest in Forbes, The Quantum Threat to Cryptography: Don’t Panic, But Prepare Now to learn exactly what organizations can do now to prepare for the migration to quantum-safe security. 

The quantum journey is not a simple folk tale, yet the transition can have a good ending. If your encounters on the way include ISARA, with our cryptographic management platform, we can help you get started today.