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RAND Corporation Report: Quantum Threat

Philip Lafrance
Apr 29, 2020

This month the RAND corporation released a new report investigating the quantum threat. The authors consider three key timelines in the coming paradigm shift to quantum-safe cryptography. They investigated…

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Math Paths to Quantum-safe Security: Hash-based Cryptography

Victoria de Quehen
Feb 24, 2020

Digital signature algorithms are a critical component of public-key infrastructure, with applications ranging from code signing to establishing secure connections. However, classical digital signature…

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Microsoft’s CryptoAPI flaw/CurveBall: a teaser of the quantum threat

Mike Brown
Jan 17, 2020

The National Security Agency recently discovered a major cryptographic flaw in Microsoft’s low-level code within their operating system. This flaw, now known as CurveBall, was found within Windows CryptoAPI…

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Myth-Busting the Quantum Threat: The Top 3 Misconceptions About Quantum-Safe Migrations

Paul Lucier
Jul 23, 2019

Part of our mission at ISARA is to educate and raise awareness of the security risks introduced by large-scale quantum computing. Since I joined ISARA in 2016, I’ve spoken to individuals, enterprises,…

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The PKI Guy talks quantum-safe security with Alexander Truskovsky

ISARA Corporation
Aug 02, 2018

Our Senior Product Manager, Alexander Truskovsky, sat down with Mark B. Cooper of PKI Solutions Inc (A.K.A The PKI Guy) to discuss quantum-safe security, which was released August 1st, 2018.

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