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The Great Quantum Journey: It's Time to Accelerate

ISARA Corporation
Aug 02, 2022

After years of careful analysis, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has announced the selection of four quantum-safe algorithms for standardization: CRYSTALS-Kyber, CRYSTALS-Dilithium, FALCON, and SPHINCS+. "This announcement represents a significant milestone toward a quantum-safe world and lifts a huge weight off the shoulders of organizations looking to fortify against quantum attacks," said Philip Lafrance, CISSP, standards manager at ISARA.

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5 Ways Quantum Computing Will Change the World

Martin Laforest
Apr 17, 2019

In the days after I resigned from my position as the senior manager of scientific outreach at the Institute for Quantum Computing to join ISARA Corporation, one esteemed colleague after another would offer…

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Quantum Key Distribution and Quantum-Safe Cryptography: two (complementary) approaches to becoming quantum-ready

Martin Laforest
Nov 29, 2018

Every advancement in quantum computing brings us closer to the positive and negative disruptions this revolutionary technology promises. Though a large-scale quantum computer is not here yet, its future…

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