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US Government’s Deep Dive into China and Why the Quantum Threat Matters

Paul Lucier
Oct 07, 2020

China continues to make significant advances in quantum science and with quantum communication networks. Do these developments pose a threat we should be worried about? The US Congress thinks so. On September 30th, the House Intelligence Committee released “The China Deep Dive.”

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5 Ways Quantum Computing Will Change the World

Martin Laforest
Apr 17, 2019

In the days after I resigned from my position as the senior manager of scientific outreach at the Institute for Quantum Computing to join ISARA Corporation, one esteemed colleague after another would offer…

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Quantum Key Distribution and Quantum-Safe Cryptography: two (complementary) approaches to becoming quantum-ready

Martin Laforest
Nov 29, 2018

Every advancement in quantum computing brings us closer to the positive and negative disruptions this revolutionary technology promises. Though a large-scale quantum computer is not here yet, its future…

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