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CEO Atsushi Yamada Discusses Post-Quantum Cryptography and How Organizations Must Act Now

ISARA Corporation
Feb 06, 2024

StrategicCIO360’s Katie Kuehner-Hebert interviewed Atsushi Yamada, CEO of ISARA, about the state of quantum computing and cybersecurity, and how organizations can act now to start preparing their post-quantum cryptography migrations.

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Quantum Computing: Its Emergence & Implications on Information Security

Mark Pecen
Dec 19, 2017

Leading governments around the globe, along with major corporations, including IBM, Google, Microsoft, have all made substantial investments in the development of large-scale quantum computers, just in…

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Next-Generation Cryptographic Certificates: Toward Quantum-Safe Identity

Mark Pecen
Nov 08, 2017

Cryptographic certificates are used to prove a person’s, system’s, company’s or other entity’s identity. Today, cryptographic certificates are based on public-key cryptography, which is vulnerable to quantum…

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