What’s the Rush on Quantum-Safe Security? You Already May Be Too Late

The following is an excerpt from a contributed opinion piece on Journal of Cyber Policy by Scott Totzke, CEO & Co-founder of ISARA Corporation.

The dawn of the quantum computing era promises to fundamentally change the way we approach big problems – from researching cures for cancer to alleviating traffic in urban centers. But – and this is a very significant but –  large-scale quantum computing also has the potential to create catastrophic problems if we don’t take steps now to ensure that data such as financial transactions, medical histories and government records are protected with quantum-safe encryption.

One of the great accomplishments of the modern computing era is the ubiquity – and relative invisibility – of data security. Most of us communicate, transact business and share vital information without fear that the information will be compromised. Data security and encryption are seamlessly built into nearly every technological device at our disposal and we don’t even have to think about when encryption is happening.

A large-scale, general purpose quantum computer is expected to break today’s encryption with ease.

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