Quantum Computing Expert Martin Laforest Joins ISARA Corp. to Expand Outreach, Education

Esteemed Quantum Physicist and Science Promoter from Institute for Quantum Computing to help industry, government prepare for quantum security risks

WATERLOO, Ontario (August 16th, 2018) – ISARA Corp., the leading provider of quantum-safe security solutions, today announced that renowned quantum computing expert Martin Laforest has joined the company. His proven record in scientific outreach and raising awareness about the opportunities and risks of the dawning Quantum Age will play a major role in ISARA’s business development efforts.

Formerly the senior manager for scientific outreach at the University of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing, Laforest brings more than 15 years of quantum experience to the new role. Laforest’s experience will be central in helping ISARA’s technology partners and government and corporate customers better understand how the advent of quantum computing will reshape their approach to data and network security.

“The processing power of quantum computing opens the door to countless positive possibilities,” said Laforest, who holds a PhD in physics specializing in experimental quantum computing. “The flip side is that access to such powerful computers will make our current information security infrastructure obsolete and completely vulnerable.  There is a pressing need to prepare now as we as a society have time and time again underestimated how disruptive new technologies can be.”

ISARA CEO & Co-founder Scott Totzke said Laforest’s quantum expertise and ability to explain the sometimes counter-intuitive nature of quantum-based technology will be appreciated by organizations now beginning to evaluate the impact of quantum computing on their existing technology infrastructure. Because of the way quantum computers process information, they promise vastly more powerful computational abilities that can break current encryption, thereby jeopardizing the security of mission-critical data.

“We’re excited to have Martin join our team. He has deep insights into the intricacies and progress of quantum technologies,” Totzke said. “His experience in the quantum community has proven to him that this technology is on the cusp of becoming mainstream and that the benefits of quantum can be realized without compromising security. He recognizes that the need to create quantum-safe security solutions today is essential for any large organization and government.”

At the Institute for Quantum Computing, Laforest focused on bringing science out of the lab and into people’s lives to make audiences “quantum-aware.” He played a central role in promoting the potential of quantum technologies to stakeholders in government, industry, media and the general public. As the head of educational outreach, he developed and implemented world-renown quantum-related educational programs for high-school students and teachers, undergraduates and the general public, reaching tens of thousands annually. He was the science lead for the Institute for Quantum Computing’s groundbreaking “QUANTUM: The Exhibition,” the first-ever large-scale traveling museum exhibit about quantum mechanics and quantum technologies.

Laforest said the decision to leave academia to join ISARA was driven by a recognition that quantum computing will begin to reshape daily life sooner than many experts forecast just a few years ago. By joining ISARA, Laforest said a strong balance could be struck between understanding the academic underpinnings of quantum with the expertise to commercialize a revolutionary technology.

“As an outside observer for the past several years, ISARA has always stood out,” Laforest said. “The leadership is composed of all-star security experts with decades of proven experience in implementing and standardizing security solutions. They have gathered a strong team of researchers and developers and already have several market-ready products. I am excited to play a role in deploying quantum-safe solutions, so we can ensure that the benefits and opportunities of quantum computing remain positive, open and accessible.”

About ISARA Corporation

ISARA is a cybersecurity company specializing in creating production-ready quantum-safe security solutions for today’s computing ecosystems. As a commercial solution provider within a rich academic and research ecosystem, ISARA is part of a collaborative effort to raise awareness of quantum threats, and design and implement quantum-safe solutions that will work globally. For more information, visit www.isara.com or follow @ISARACorp on Twitter.