ISARA Corporation Readies Security Measures for the Quantum Age

TORONTOSept. 19, 2016 (CNW) - 4TH ETSI/IQC Workshop on Quantum-Safe Cryptography – ISARA Corporation today announced the availability of its ISARA Quantum Resistant (IQR) Toolkit. The toolkit helps software and hardware solution providers build robust commercial products that protect vulnerable infrastructure against the threat quantum computing already poses to widely-used security standards.

Similar to the Y2K crisis, the technology industry is facing a 'Y2Q' (years to quantum) challenge that has a limited timeline and requires significant work to ensure systems and information are properly protected. The massive processing power of quantum computers is such that, without integrating quantum resistant security solutions, all security that depends on existing standards is vulnerable.

Luis Jorge Romero, ETSI Director General, says, "ETSI builds high quality standards that allow innovative technologies to reach commercialization and global consumption. We are delighted to see ETSI members like ISARA working to commercialize critical quantum-safe technologies, as they emerge from our Quantum-Safe Cryptography working group." The IQR Toolkit launches with optimizations of quantum resistant algorithms that have been studied by experts in the fields of cryptography, quantum information science and wireless standards. The algorithms include LUKE, a speed-optimized version of the New Hope algorithm. In benchmarking tests, LUKE is 30% faster than New Hope. "We were prepared to overcome the technical challenges to build the IQR Toolkit and develop a portfolio of products that meets new security threats," says Mike Brown, Chief Technology Officer, ISARA. "Our team has contributed to highly scalable mobile security solutions for some of the most demanding customers in the world.

The IQR Toolkit is the first opportunity for customers to start deploying quantum resistant technology in a variety of commercial solutions, through drop-in algorithm replacements that allow them to build products with an emphasis on quality assurance and efficient integration." ISARA is a sponsor of the Quantum-Safe Cryptography workshop taking place in Toronto September 19-21, which is organized by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) at the University of Waterloo.

About ISARA Corporation

ISARA is a security solutions company that offers solution providers quantum computer-resistant products to make vulnerable hardware and software compliant with quantum-safe standards. Founded in 2015, ISARA Corporation is headquartered at the offices of Quantum Valley Investments in Waterloo, Ontario. As a commercial solution provider within a rich academic and research ecosystem, ISARA is part of a collaborative effort to raise awareness of the potential for quantum threats, and design and implement quantum resistant solutions that will work globally.