FinDEVr London: Preparing for the Dark Side of Quantum Computing

WATERLOO, Ontario, June 08, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Many technology-driven sectors will be affected by the advent of universal quantum computing which experts say will happen by 2026, or sooner, but the financial industry has particular reason for concern. ISARA's CEO, Scott Totzke, is among the featured speakers at the upcoming FinDEVr show, the premier international event for FinTech developers taking place in London on June 12–13. Totzke will discuss the impact of the quantum threat on the financial industry, and provide recommendations for mitigation.

A quantum computer could be used to stage an attack on the cryptography behind the encryption and authentication used today across banking institutions and in FinTech development. Without the appropriate quantum-safe protections, traditional cybersecurity standards will become vulnerable.

“Any technology that relies on public-key cryptography, including blockchain, is at risk in the quantum age. Businesses and financial institutions cannot afford to ignore the threat of quantum computers to the cryptography those solutions rely on,” said Totzke.


What: Why (And How) You Should Make Your FinTech Security Quantum Safe Today

When:  Monday, June 12th, 14:10 pm

Where:  Tobacco Dock, The Dock, Tobacco Quay, Wapping Lane, London, UK

Who: Scott Totzke, Co-Founder and CEO, ISARA Totzke will also lead the roundtable discussion topic, We're all in it together: Making global FinTech crypto-agile, on Tuesday, June 13th, at 12:30 pm. For more information please visit,

About ISARA:

ISARA Corp. is the largest organization in the world focused on developing quantum safe cryptographic solutions for easy integration into commercial products to protect against emerging security threats.