Quantum Computing is Creating Driverless - More Hackable - Cars



The following is an excerpt from a contributed opinion piece on ITSP Magazine by Scott Totzke, CEO & Co-Founder of ISARA Corporation.

Of the top disruptive technologies that will benefit from quantum computing, self-driving cars look most imminent as a commercial prospect. Google Street View cars have made the concept familiar. Demonstrations of new models that will transform how people travel are becoming more frequent. Companies are making large investments, like Intel’s $15.3 billion purchase of autonomous vehicle technology firm Mobileye.

The environmental and traffic control advantages of driverless vehicles are numerous. We’re approaching a time when they will become indispensable in any urban landscape. And two technologies that were, until recently, considered futuristic—artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing—are already breaking ground to make the widespread use of driverless cars possible.

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