The Peggy Smedley Show: Quantum Threats and Benefits

On April 24, ISARA Corporation's VP of Business Development, Paul Lucier, was invited to join The Peggy Smedley Show - one of the most influential, Internet of Things (IoT) podcasts discussing relevant tech trends – with Peggy Smedley. In this interview, now available as a podcast, they discussed both positive disruption and dark side of quantum computing as it is able to break public-key encryption.

To hear the full interview, listen here or check out this episode on your favourite app: iTunes | iHeartRadio | Stitcher | Spotify | wsRadio

Paul provides insight into:

  • The investments being made in the world of quantum computing and the impacts this investment will have in the future
  • The approaches to this cryptography challenge including post-quantum cryptography & quantum-key distribution
  • The debate surrounding what size quantum computer is needed to break today's encryption
  • Why governments and large organizations need to start preparing now