The Future of Cyberattacks: Are You Quantum-Ready

 The following is an excerpt from a contributed opinion piece on ISBuzz News by Scott Totzke, CEO & Co-Founder of ISARA Corporation.

The Internet of Things is no longer science fiction. If it’s not in your home already, it will be shortly, and IoT will only grow more pervasive in the coming years. Soon, just about every “thing” that exists will be connected to every other “thing.” That concept is incredibly exciting—and incredibly dangerous. Many of us are aware that online threats are pervasive, and result in devastating cyberattacks on governments, businesses and private citizens. What most people still don’t know is that, within the next 10 years, those attacks will become exponentially more difficult to prevent. The reason: quantum computing. Tech giants, including Google, Microsoft and IBM, and governments around the world are all in a high-stakes race to introduce the first commercial, universal quantum computer. These incredibly powerful computers will introduce dramatic new opportunities in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, materials science, and drug creation. Industry consensus is that a universal commercial quantum computer capable of these advances will arrive by 2026 or sooner. Experimental quantum computers already exist. Read the complete article on ISBuzz News.


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