CEO Atsushi Yamada Discusses Post-Quantum Cryptography and How Organizations Must Act Now

StrategicCIO360's Katie Kuehner-Hebert interviewed Atsushi Yamada, CEO of ISARA, about the state of quantum computing and cybersecurity, and how organizations can act now to start preparing their post-quantum cryptography migrations.  

In this Q&A, Cyber Security In the Quantum Era: Where to Start, Yamada shared insights around:

  • What CIOs and CISOs need to know about quantum computing’s impacts on security and IT
  • Why organizations need to embrace post-quantum cryptography now
  • What a post-quantum cryptography migration entails
  • How organizations can kickstart their post-quantum cryptography migrations

Kuehner-Hebert writes, "As we usher in an era of unprecedented computational power and speed, the traditional cryptographic protocols that have safeguarded our sensitive information for decades are now under siege."

Yamada outlines tangible benefits for IT leaders if they begin their migrations now. "I see four primary reasons why embracing post-quantum cryptography now is critical: to protect data, reduce risks, control costs, and create or maintain competitive advantages."

When asked how organizations can kickstart their post-quantum cryptography migrations, Yamada answered, "It starts at the top. The migration to post-quantum cryptography involves critical decisions around technology, budget and resource allocation, and governance. That’s why it’s important to take things one step at a time. I recommend taking a phased, iterative approach as organizations evolve their infrastructures and environments."

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