A Q&A with Atsushi Yamada: PQC, Addressing Risk Management Needs, What’s Ahead

Mirko Zorz, director of content with Help Net Security, interviewed Atsushi Yamada, CEO of ISARA, to discuss the threat of cryptographically relevant quantum computers (CRQCs) and what’s ahead for the company. In this Q&A, Navigating the quantum leap in cybersecurity, Yamada shared insights on:

  • The critical role of post-quantum cryptography (PQC) in fortifying the digital landscape
  • The Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Preparedness Act
  • How ISARA plans to support enterprises and government agencies during this critical migration
  • How ISARA is evolving its offerings to continue to meet PQC and cryptographic risk management needs. 

Cryptographic migrations are enormous. The entire industry is learning a lot right now about what it means to undertake a cryptographic transition of this scale. A "quantum-safe migration is part of a larger opportunity to modernize our IT ecosystems, remediate yesteryear’s security vulnerabilities, and adopt a sustainable model for managing our risks going forward," stated Yamada.

"Our goal at ISARA is to prepare enterprises and governments to transition their infrastructures to a quantum-safe state — and beyond. We will keep evolving and improving our cryptographic inventory capabilities and reporting systems. We will keep building tools and components — and expanding services — that are needed to ensure migrations will be fast, efficient, and cost effective so that customers can easily mitigate risks today and in the future," Yamada added.

Zorz asked Yamada how prepared the tech industry is for the shift to quantum computers and how ISARA plans to lead the transition. "If a CRQC were to appear tomorrow, the industry and its current security infrastructure would not yet be prepared. Fortunately, there is time for organizations and federal agencies to prepare systems now so they can switch over when needed," Yamada answered.

Yamada added, "At ISARA, we already have the cryptographic risk management foundation in place. We will continue to look for ways to increase crypto agility in secure systems now and in the future." 

To read the complete Q&A, visit: https://www.helpnetsecurity.com/2023/05/24/atsushi-yamada-isara-pqc-quantum-leap-cybersecurity/