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ITU-T Update: Mark Pecen and Alex Truskovsky Talk Quantum-Safe X.509 Certificates

ISARA Corporation
Apr 24, 2018

In April 2018, at the ITU-T Headquarters in Geneva, Matthew Dalais of ITU interviewed Mark Pecen, Chief Executive Officer, and Alexander Truskovsky, Senior Product Manager, about quantum-safe X.509 digital…

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Transforming PKI Migrations: Unlocking the Power of Crypto-Agility with Quantum-Safe Multiple Algorithm Certificates

Alex Truskovsky
Apr 12, 2018

Crypto-agility is the key to cost-effectively migrate information and communication technology (ICT) systems from legacy to quantum-safe systems. By using our unique dual algorithm approach to certificates,…

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ISARA Radiate™ Security Solution Suite 1.4 Brings XMSS to Complete its Offering of Stateful Hash-Based Signatures for Quantum-Safe Roots of Trust

Alex Truskovsky
Mar 27, 2018

With the latest release of the ISARA Radiate™ Security Solution Suite, we’ve added stateful hash-based signatures, specifically eXtended Merkle Signature Scheme (XMSS), to the cryptographic library. With…

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How Quantum Computing’s Threat to Security is Different from All Other Security Breaches

Mike Brown
Jan 11, 2018

The quantum threat represents the first time in history that a cybersecurity breach will be the result of a complete break of modern public-key cryptography. For many, this information might come as a…

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Quantum Computing: Its Emergence & Implications on Information Security

Mark Pecen
Dec 19, 2017

Leading governments around the globe, along with major corporations, including IBM, Google, Microsoft, have all made substantial investments in the development of large-scale quantum computers, just in…

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