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Why Quantum Computing is a Board Level Security Risk

Scott Totzke
Dec 13, 2017

In recent years, there has been an undisputed increase in enterprise data breaches across the globe. At first, this was only a concern for IT, CISO’s and CIO’s. However, with growing fiduciary responsibility,…

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Next-Generation Cryptographic Certificates: Toward Quantum-Safe Identity

Mark Pecen
Nov 08, 2017

Cryptographic certificates are used to prove a person’s, system’s, company’s or other entity’s identity. Today, cryptographic certificates are based on public-key cryptography, which is vulnerable to quantum…

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The Quantum-Safe Migration: Cryptography’s Overhaul

Scott Totzke
Oct 26, 2017

On October 17th, the Hudson Institute – a think tank headquartered in Washington, DC – gathered quantum computing and cybersecurity experts to explore the quantum threat from a security and policy perspective.…

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Do You Know About Quantum’s Threat to OTA Software Updates?

Alex Truskovsky
Oct 17, 2017

Today, remotely updating a device’s software - such as a connected car or smartphone - is easy and cost-effective. There’s no need to physically return the device to the manufacturer, which happily saves…

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FinDEVr London 2017: Scott Totzke Talks About the Quantum Opportunity and Threat

ISARA Corporation
Jul 04, 2017

On June 12, ISARA's CEO & Co-Founder, Scott Totzke, was at FinDEVr London 2017 to talk about the emerging quantum computing threat to cybersecurity standards that global financial institutions, as well…

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