The ISARA Team

Bright minds, accomplished industry leaders

The ISARA team is comprised of some of the most inquisitive and ingenious minds in the cryptography and cybersecurity industry, many with years of experience at companies such as BlackBerry, Certicom, Oracle and McAfee. We’re fortunate to be led by accomplished security leaders, several of which are BlackBerry-alumni responsible for establishing the mobile platform as the most secure in the world. Our team has expertise building high-performance cryptographic systems for constrained environments.

With a heavy focus on research and development, the department comprises over a third of our almost 35 full-time team members, including 9 Ph.D.s and several Masters graduates and students.

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Leadership Team

Scott Totzke

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Scott Totzke is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of ISARA Corporation. He is responsible for leading the team by creating and communicating the vision and implementing the global strategy for the company. Before ISARA, Scott was Senior Vice President of Enterprise & Security at Huawei. He launched their R&D office in Waterloo and drove their global strategy for delivering industry-leading mobility solutions designed to meet the most stringent security requirements demanded by enterprise and government customers.

Scott was also a Senior Vice President at BlackBerry, where he helped shape their security, regulatory compliance, lawful access and privacy strategies on a global scale. His organization was accountable for full security lifecycle management. Under Scott’s leadership, security became BlackBerry’s single most significant differentiator.

Before joining BlackBerry in 2001, Scott was a senior consultant with EDS and built technical expertise and leadership experience in network security, architecture and database design roles. He also spent more than a decade as a system developer and network architect.

Mike Brown

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

As ISARA Corporation’s Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, Mike Brown is focused on the technical vision and direction for ISARA Corporation.

Mike was most recently the Vice President of Security Product Management and Research at BlackBerry, where he co-founded the product security practice and was responsible for the vision and execution of security for all BlackBerry products. Mike has spoken at global security events including RSA, CTIA, GTEC, Bloomberg, APECTEL and InfoSec Europe. He holds a Masters of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, focusing on cryptography.

Mark Pecen

Chief Operating Officer

Mark Pecen is Chief Operating Officer of ISARA Corporation and the chairman and founder of the European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) industry specification Working Group on Quantum-Safe Cryptography (WG-QSC), specializing in next-generation security. He is also CEO of Approach Infinity, a consultancy through which he provides advisory services to several technology startups, private equity firms, major corporations and law firms.

Mark retired as a Senior VP for BlackBerry, Ltd. where he founded the Advanced Technology Research Centre and developed a significant portion of BlackBerry’s wireless and networking patent portfolio. He holds more than 100 fundamental patents in areas of wireless communication, networking and computing, many of which have been adopted in global standards, including those adopted by the Global System for Mobile Telecommunication (GSM), Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS), High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA+), Long-Term Evolution (LTE) for 4G wireless, and others.

Atsushi Yamada

Vice President, Research & Development

Atsushi Yamada is Vice President, Research & Development of ISARA Corporation.

In 2015, he joined ISARA where he’s responsible for leading their world-class research and development team. During his time at ISARA, he’s brought to market the ISARA Radiate™ Security Solution Suite – the world’s first quantum-safe cryptographic suite – and created new cryptographic algorithms and attack mitigations.

Previously, Atsushi was a member of the security teams at Certicom and BlackBerry. While there he partnered with customers around the world to integrate Certicom’s cryptographic solutions into their products and evaluated draft standards in cryptography.

Atsushi has a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Paul Lucier

Vice President, Sales & Business Development

Like you, global sales and business development expert, Paul Lucier, wants his identity and personal data to remain secure from any and all threats.  Have you seen poorly developed solutions with bold security claims fail in the global marketplace?

That’s why he joined ISARA Corporation in June 2016 to manage their sales and business development.  It was a golden opportunity to work with a team of genuine, transparent, professionals with a passion to solve complex problems and succeed on a global stage.

Whether it’s leading a sales team, launching a new overseas market, managing explosive growth or overseeing operational P&L, with over 20 years of experience selling technology products and solutions, Paul has always relied on his finely tuned relationship building and networking skills to grow business and generate revenue.

Alan Panezic

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Alan Panezic is Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at ISARA Corporation.

In 2017, he joined ISARA where he’s responsible for forging partnerships with category leaders across industry to usher in the first generation of quantum-safe products.

While Alan was at BlackBerry from 2000 to 2012, he was responsible for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server business, the developer portfolio, as well as the Services business, AppStore and BBM.

He has deep knowledge and experience in network security, mobile devices and connected systems – and is the holder of six wireless technology patents.

Alan creates strong collaborative partnerships both internally and with the broader market.

Prior to joining ISARA, Alan led global product teams at Telenav, Mocana and BlackBerry.

Gus Gutoski

Security Researcher

Gus Gutoski, Security Research at ISARA Corporation, has a Ph.D. in quantum information from the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) at the University of Waterloo and has held postdoctoral research positions at IQC and at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo.

He has won patents and published original academic research on mathematics, quantum-safe cryptography, and bitcoin.

In 2005 Gus’s master’s thesis was awarded the Chancellor’s Graduate Medal by the University of Calgary.

Andrea Hruska

Senior Marketing Manager

Alexander Truskovsky

Senior Product Manager

Alexander leads Product Management at ISARA Corporation. He is focused on the creation of products that help customers ensure the protection of their hardware, software and data in the post-quantum age. Alexander is a seasoned software professional with nearly two decades of experience in the technology sector.

Previous to ISARA, Alexander provided technical leadership in the development of numerous core security protocols and features at BlackBerry and designed and built enterprise software at Oracle Corporation.

Alexander has a Master’s of Computer Science from the Concordia University focusing on Applied Cryptography, an MBA from the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University, and holds a CISSP designation. Alexander holds 18 patents in areas of security protocols.

Martin Laforest

Senior Business Development Manager, Quantum Tech Expert

Martin Laforest is the part of the business development team at ISARA. Dr. Laforest has more than 15 years of experience in raising awareness about the benefits and threats of quantum technologies. Martin plays a central role in helping ISARA’s technology partners and customers better understand how quantum computing will reshape their approach to data security.

Prior to joining ISARA, Dr. Laforest was the head of scientific outreach at the Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo, where he translated the technicalities of quantum information science to key stakeholders, including government, the media, and the general public. Dr. Laforest holds a PhD in Physics, specializing in experimental quantum information.


Left to Right: Mark Paruzel, Shane Kelly, Chris Herborth & Alex Parent

ISARA Corporation Toolkit Team


Left to Right: Kassem Kalach, Luis Ruiz-Lopez, Atsushi Yamada, Edward Eaton & Philip Lafrance Absent: Gus Gutoski, Anton Mosunov, Filip Pawlega & Victoria de Quehen

ISARA Corporation Research Team


Left to Right: Alexander Stubbs & Justin Mathews
Absent: Vincent Russo

ISARA Corporation QA Team


Left to Right: Jerry Sui, Alex Faieta & Anthony Hu
Absent: Parnian Alimi, Daniela Maftuleac & Daniel Van Geest

ISARA Corporation Integration Team


Andrea Forwell, Rob Williams, Jared Robinson, Bingxu Hu, Shuting Guo, Charlie Wu, David McKee


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