ISARA Radiate OpenSSL Connector 1.4

This package is version 1.4 of the ISARA Radiate OpenSSL Connector.


  • A set of patch files to be applied to the appropriate version of the OpenSSL source

  • The ISARA Radiate toolkit library binary

  • The ISARA Radiate OpenSSL Engine, built using OpenSSL and the ISARA Radiate algorithms

  • The source code for several demo applications that demonstrate how to use the ISARA Radiate OpenSSL Connector

  • A demonstration script and the expected output

  • A TLS test script and the expected output

The ISARA Radiate OpenSSL Connector is organized into several files and directories:

  • README.html — This file

  • OpenSSL-Connector-Guide.html — ISARA Radiate OpenSSL Connector User’s Guide

  • OpenSSL-Connector-MPKAC-Tutorial.html — ISARA Radiate OpenSSL Connector QS Multiple Public Key Algorithm Certificate Tutorial

  • ISARA_OIDs.html — ISARA OID Definition Document

  • <OPENSSL_VERSION>_ISARA.patch — Patch to apply against OpenSSL where <OPENSSL_VERSION> is one of the following:

    • OpenSSL-1.0.2m

    • OpenSSL-1.0.2n

  • lib/ — ISARA Radiate toolkit library (on Linux)

  • lib/libiqr_toolkit.dylib — ISARA Radiate toolkit library (on macOS)

  • lib/ — ISARA Radiate engine

  • demos/ — Demonstration source code showing some of the new features

  • demos_script.txt — Script used to demonstrate using OpenSSL with our algorithms

  • demos_script_expected_output.txt — Expected output of the demos_script.txt

  • TLS_test_script.txt — Script used to perform OpenSSL client-server TLS secure handshakes and message communications using ISARA quantum-safe ciphersuites

  • TLS_test_script_expected_output.txt — Expected output of the TLS_test_script.txt

  • data/ — Configuration and output files for the scripts above

  • images/ — Image files that are referenced by the documents above

Getting Help

The latest version of ISARA Radiate documentation is available on ISARA’s website:

For more details and requirements, please refer to the ISARA Radiate Security Solution Suite 1.4 Developer’s Guide.

System Requirements

  • 64-bit macOS 10.11 or newer

  • 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04 or newer

The ISARA Radiate OpenSSL Connector Binaries are licensed for use:

Copyright © 2017-2018, ISARA Corporation, All Rights Reserved.

The code and other content set out herein is not in the public domain, is considered a trade secret and is confidential to ISARA Corporation. Use, reproduction or distribution, in whole or in part, of such code or other content is strictly prohibited except by express written permission of ISARA Corporation. Please contact ISARA Corporation at for more information.