It’s Time to Make Quantum Resistant Security a Reality

By Scott Totzke, CEO, ISARA Corporation

Since founding ISARA 18 months ago, we have assembled an outstanding team of experienced security developers, cryptographers, security researchers and business leaders who have worked to stand up the company and bring our first product to market. We’ve been completely focused on achieving that goal because, from the start, we knew what others are beginning to recognize: The world needs quantum safe security solutions in the market today.

The first release of our developer’s toolkit paves the way for in-market testing of the security solutions that will replace the quantum-vulnerable ones in use today. It helps establish the market for real quantum-safe products. It urges towards non-theoretical establishment of standards on a schedule that has been rapidly compressing the Y2Q (‘years to quantum’) estimates. The giants of the tech world are pushing hard to achieve quantum computing that is capable of breaking today’s security. We’re pushing just as hard to ensure that won’t matter.

We’re already engaged in practical conversations with government and enterprise customers across the industry about how quantum-safe solutions can fit into their security strategies. And we’ll have more to offer soon – we’re developing a portfolio of products that address specific quantum risks, and assessment tools and services to help you customize with drop-in algorithm replacements and protocol updates.

If you’re still skeptical about the quantum threat, you may wonder, “What’s the rush?” The emergence of quantum technology as a compelling agent for advancement and change has actually been a slow burn. The concept of a quantum computer has been around since the early 1980s, and we’ve known since 1994 that quantum algorithms (algorithms only quantum computers can run) will someday break our existing security standards. Since 2000, the European Commission has invested more than 350 million Euros in research on quantum technologies and quantum information, and we’ve seen that IBM, Microsoft, Google, and other American ICT companies are leading the way in investment in quantum technology research and development. Once practical quantum computing is achieved, the impact on data transmission and storage controlled and conferred by these large enterprises will affect all Internet users.

Progress has been accelerating. Quantum devices will soon begin to be embedded in consumer devices such as mobile phones and cars. Across the ICT industry and the quantum cryptography field, the consensus is that we will likely see commercialized versions of quantum computers within 9 years. We’re tackling this security threat aggressively because it’s not enough to raise awareness any more. We’re not only making commercial solutions available so that they can be hacked and thoroughly field-tested, we’re also working to make sure that the best solutions become standardized well before quantum computers are capable of attacking your data.

We’re proud to be the first company focused on the quantum threat to offer a complete quantum-resistant security solution for commercial use. ‘Complete’ means that we’re giving you the tools to create quantum-resistant versions of the three types of security schemes that are needed for secure online transactions: public key encryption, digital signatures, and key agreement. ISARA’s Quantum Resistant (IQR) Toolkit contains three quantum resistant algorithms that security experts can implement today without the need for quantum computers. View the full technical specifications on our website, check out the Toolkit samples on GitHub, and contact us to talk about how to manage your quantum risk and take the first steps toward the next generation of security. Visit our blog to learn more.