ISARA’s Quantum-Safe Readiness Program for Enterprise

Learn how to manage your quantum risk by understanding what’s at stake, gaining hands-on experience and exploring quantum-safe cryptography

A Program Unlike Any Other

To help forward-thinking enterprises take steps to manage quantum risk—today—this unique program equips your IS, IT and cryptography teams with actionable know-how and practical hands-on experience through:

  • A half-day workshop, The Path to Quantum-Safe
  • A specially prepared leave-behind VM with embedded ISARA Catalyst Agile Certificate Technology, which allows simulation and demonstration of crypto-migration
  • An Enterprise Evaluation license and hands-on training with the ISARA Radiate Quantum-Safe Toolkit, so your team is equipped to work with leading quantum-safe algorithms
  • 12-month access to ISARA’s renowned quantum security experts, to help you on your journey to a quantum-safe future

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More Businesses are Recognizing the Threat

Governments, defense contractors, and many enterprises already take the quantum threat seriously—but now the rest of business world is starting to take notice, thanks to increasing attention from leading analysts, consulting firms and government agencies.


“If a sufficiently powerful quantum computer becomes available within 10 or so years, any data that has been published or intercepted is subject to cryptanalysis by a future quantum computer.”

—The CIO’s Guide to Quantum Computing


“Enterprises and governments should start protecting against the threat of powerful quantum computers today, not when it happens, since by then it will be too late.”

—Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Predictions 2019


“Prioritization of the development, standardization, and deployment of post-quantum cryptography is critical for minimizing the chance of a potential security and privacy disaster.”

—Quantum Computing Progress and Prospects

Includes Everything You Need to Start Managing Quantum Risk

This comprehensive program includes everything you need to start managing quantum risk—and it also comes with 12-month access to our renowned quantum security experts for ongoing Q&A, solution feedback and domain discussions to assist with your journey to a quantum-safe future.

Workshop: The Path to Quantum-Safe

This four-hour virtual workshop equips you with the information and training required to understand the security risks quantum computing introduces and—crucially—how you can prepare

Crypto-Agile Hybrid Certificate Virtual Machine

This specially prepared VM (a Linux system image for VirtualBox) allows your security and information professionals to explore, simulate and demonstrate crypto-migration using a TLS 1.2 test environment and Certification Authority (CA) which implements hybrid certificates using ISARA Catalyst™ Agile Digital Certificate Technology

Toolkit & Training: Quantum-Safe Cryptography

This component allows you to experiment, develop and gain hands-on experience with quantum-safe algorithms using the ISARA Radiate™ Quantum-Safe Toolkit 2.0

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To learn more about this unique program, please fill out the form below or reach out to us at and we’ll be in touch.

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