Quantum Computers Are The Future Nukes Of The It World

The Next Platform

Preparing for the impact quantum computing will have on today’s security infrastructure will take several years. For devices requiring embedded ‘roots of trust’ that will have lifetimes of 10+ years (well into the estimated quantum computing era), the time to make them quantum-safe is now. If all preparation is left for when quantum computers are capable of breaking public key cryptography, critical assets will be at risk and it will be a logistical challenge to transition all systems in a short amount of time.

Scott Totzke, CEO and Co-founder of ISARA Corp., stresses the importance of preparing now:

“We cannot ignore the swift evolution of quantum computing. It might be five years, it might be many more before these systems can break cryptographic security but infrastructure will have to be updated at its very core level in terms of how it authenticates and transacts digitally.”

No matter your industry, from banking to government or automotive, begin preparing for the quantum threat now, before it becomes a reality.

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