DigiCert, Gemalto, ISARA Partner for Quantum-Safe Encryption

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We know that as quantum computers begin to grow in qubit count, they become more powerful. A quantum computer strong enough to crack modern-day public key cryptography, which acts as the backbone of today’s secure interactions over the internet, is estimated to be five to 15 years away. Therefore, the importance of protecting against the quantum threat grows greater every day. To facilitate a seamless migration to quantum-safe solutions ISARA has partnered with security firms Gemalto and DigiCert to enable agile quantum-safe digital certificates and secure key management for IoT connected devices to secure them well into the post-quantum era.

Scott Totzke, CEO and Co-founder of ISARA Corp., expands on this fact, and discusses the immediate threat of quantum computers, that being a “harvest and decrypt” attack:

“That’s when data currently encrypted with factor-based algorithms is pulled and stored with the expectation that it can be unlocked in the near future with a quantum computer,” Totzke said. “Locking that data in quantum-safe algorithms today adds another layer of protection.”

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