The New-Age Manhattan Project: How Do We Protect Today’s Secrets from Tomorrow’s Quantum Computers?

FedScoop LogoScott Totzke, CEO & Co-Founder of ISARA Corporation, makes clear that the quantum threat needs to be a discussion of urgency:

“We can make a case for the quantum computer that is a cryptographic threat could be here as early as 2026. If you say five years before we have standardized crypto, that takes us to 2023. If you think about this as an [original equipment manufacturer] who’s got to look at those standards, make changes to the product portfolio and get those to market, well that’s going to take another two years. And when you start talking about large, complex infrastructure like say the Department of Defense public key infrastructure that manages identity for 3.5 million civilian contractors and enlisted personnel, that doesn’t change in a year,” said Totzke.

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