Cisco, Researchers Develop New Security Techniques to Thwart Quantum Attacks

Cisco is working with ISARA Corporation to develop new cryptographic algorithms that will help protect secure systems, platforms and communications against attack by a quantum computer. Through this collaboration, Cisco and ISARA have developed a way for a single digital certificate to accommodate both classic and quantum cryptographic algorithms.

Panos Kampanakis, Technical Marketing Engineer at Cisco, explains why they have chosen to partner with ISARA,

“We don’t know if quantum computers are going to exist within four years or 10 years, but we’re seeing a lot of research taking place in this space, and we want to be prepared.”

Mike Brown, Chief Technology Officer at ISARA Corporation, further explains the need to act now.

“Any large-scale information technology upgrade will take years of planning to reduce the costs, complexity and potential burdens on user experience, so it’s important for companies to start testing and demanding standardized algorithms now.”

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