Cisco, ISARA to Test Hybrid Classic, Quantum-Safe Digital Certificates

The power of quantum computing will have the potential to solve many currently unsolvable problems and will enable a new generation of applications, but will also have the ability to break current encryption schemes we rely on today to keep our data secure.

Mike Brown, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder at ISARA, explained that,

“quantum computing allows us to efficiently solve the hard math problems underlying the public key cryptography we rely upon today for Internet banking, connecting to work remotely, and doing e-commerce. That fact necessitates new approaches to public key cryptography.”

Cisco Systems and ISARA Corporation are collaborating to test digital certificates with both classical and quantum-safe cryptography. To demonstrate the viability of using these dual-algorithm certificates, CISCO and ISARA have set up a public server that uses post-quantum hybrid X.509 certificates to authenticate transport layer security (TLS) clients.

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