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Over the past few decades, many organizations and governments have made substantial investments to deploy public key infrastructure (PKI) systems. These systems provide the essential elements required to secure their networks, devices, communications and even physical facilities access. With the availability of large-scale quantum computers within the next eight to 15 years, these investments need to be protected by migrating to quantum-safe versions of cryptographic primitives.

In this white paper, you will learn how ISARA’s unique crypto-agile certificates allow large organizations and governments to migrate their PKIs to quantum-safe security seamlessly, including:

Gaining an understanding of how quantum computers affect PKI
How to effectively choose a quantum-safe digital signature
Current migration challenges organizations and governments need to be aware of
How to use ISARA’s crypto-agile certificates to migrate PKI systems seamlessly

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Powerful quantum computers have the potential to bring positive disruption and tremendous benefits to our society. However, they also pose a potential threat to our current security technology used to protect online transactions and digital information. This whitepaper introduces technologies to build defence against potential quantum attacks, provides analysis on the risks, and discusses strategies for migration and deployment.

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