BlackBerry CEO Says CIOs Must Prepare for Quantum Computer-Based Attacks

The Wall Street Journal

On October 4th, 2018, BlackBerry announced that they will be embedding the ISARA Radiate™ Security Solutions Suite to provide quantum-safe code-signing capabilities as a product in their cryptography array. Code-signing is essential to secure over-the-air software updates for connected devices. If broken by a quantum computer, adversaries will have to ability to impersonate a trusted software update and inject their own malicious code to gain control over the connected device. This could have a devastating impact on connected devices like autonomous vehicles, critical infrastructure and satellite communications.

BlackBerry CEO, John Chen understands the implications that quantum computers will have on modern-day cryptography solutions and is getting in front of the problem:

“Security threats will loom large when powerful quantum computers become commercialized and have the capacity to crack today’s commonly-used encryption methods — and it’s not too early to be investing in technology to reduce that risk”

Offering quantum-safe solutions in the BlackBerry portfolio will allow enterprise customers with critical services and assets to operate securely well into the quantum era.

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