BlackBerry adds quantum resistant cybersecurity tools

Enterprise Times

Quantum computing is advancing at a rapid pace. That is why it is important to start analyzing and protecting from the threat it poses to current public key infrastructure. Enterprise security provider BlackBerry recognizes the urgency and has planned to off quantum-safe solutions to its customers. Recently BlackBerry announced a quantum-safe code signing server, integrating the ISARA Radiate Security Solution Suite, as a new addition to their cryptography product line in November 2018. This code-signing server allows enterprises to secure their over-the-air updates with quantum-safe cryptography ensuring their update isn’t vulnerable to a quantum-enabled attack.

BlackBerry’s Chief Technology Officer, Charles Eagan recognizes the risks that will arise due to quantum computing and has directed his organization to begin acting early:

“By adding the quantum-resistant code signing server to our cybersecurity tools, we will be able to address a major security concern for industries that rely on assets that will be in use for a long time. If your product, whether it’s a car or critical piece of infrastructure, needs to be functional 10-15 years from now, you need to be concerned about quantum computing attacks.”

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