BlackBerry to Add Quantum-Resistant Server to Cybersecurity Platform

eWeek News

The importance of planning ahead for the quantum threat grows every day as advancements are made in quantum computing. Recently, BlackBerry announced that they will be integrating the ISARA Radiate Security Solution Suite to offer a quantum-safe code signing server as part of their cryptographic product range. This new capability will allow BlackBerry’s customers to ensure their over-the-air updates for durable connected devices will remain quantum-safe well into the quantum era.

BlackBerry’s Chief Technology Officer, Charles Eagan understands the double-edged sword that is quantum computing stating:

“Quantum computing will solve groundbreaking problems in health care, transportation, astrophysics, government, and many other fields; however, it also gives bad actors the potential to crack traditional public key cryptosystems and then attack the underlying data they protect,”

We’re excited for the potential positive advancements from quantum computers, but with every revolutionary technology comes a negative disruption – we need to be proactive and begin securing critical assets now.

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