Powerful quantum computers have the potential to bring positive disruption and tremendous benefits to our society. However, they also pose a potential threat to our current security technology used to protect online transactions and digital information. This whitepaper introduces technologies to build defence against potential quantum attacks, provides analysis on the risks, and discusses strategies for migration and deployment.

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Enterprise PKI supporting remote VPN can be quite large and cannot be updated overnight. To avoid service stoppage a sophisticated strategy, clever mechanism, and systematic method is needed to gradually migrate the monolithic PKI system to new algorithms that allow a mixture of algorithms, including interim quantum-safe choices of algorithms. In this presentation, Mike explores the various ways that enterprise and federal government PKIs can be migrated including ISARA’s quantum-safe/classical hybrid method.

This presentation was first made at ICMC 2017 on May 18, 2017.

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The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping to fuel the fire to build Quantum Computers because they will be a great tool for areas such as Machine Learning (ML).

Public Key Cryptography as we know it today ceases to be effective when the age of quantum computers begins. With practical examples and an emphasis on network technologies like VPNs, this presentation will explore:

– The new quantum-safe solutions that will replace and augment your existing security systems
– Where and when you’ll need them
– How to make the transition

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